01-30-2019: If you are looking to hack your PlayStation Classic BleemSync 0.4.1. is recommended. Later versions are a dumpster fire. I also highly recommend pbPSCReAlpha as the best/easiest way to add games.


09-19-2018: Sony just announced the PlayStation Classic. I don't think it will run Caetla but I guarantee it will be hacked. Watch this space.


09-09-2015: Hello world. 20 years since PSX launched in North America. How time flies. To celebrate the occasion, HERE is the source code to ACTION.EXE courtesy of Gav himself, along with some other code snippets. Maybe even after all these years someone can do something with it. Either way a nice piece of history for ya!

09-13-2000: BEWARE of a company called VDO Specialties. Check out THIS SITE for info.

Another company, Pelican Accessories, is developing a cheat device for the PS2 called CodeBreaker.


09-09-2000: Datel has announced November 24th as the release date for the Action Replay 2 for PS2. Click HERE for a pic.

The Xplorer International Code Creator's Club has moved to a new URL. Be sure to check them out HERE.


08-24-2000: NintenDOH!!! I'm still recovering from the shock of Nintendo's GameCube (aka "Dolphin") announcement today at SpaceWorld Tokyo. Quite possibly the ugliest game console in history...

And, once again, they decide to go with some fucked up media format that nobody but them is going to support. Looks like they never learn.

Click HERE for RealPlayer demo clips and HERE for a Mario demo.

xiaNaix predictions...

#1 console: PlayStation 2 - #2 console: X-Box - #3 console: GameCube.

Taran's site is back online at a new server. Welcome back!!!!


08-04-2000: The MessageBoard is back online. We have made several enhancements, so be sure to check it out!!!

Herben continues to amaze with yet another brilliant PSX program. This time around, it's ImportPlayer, an application that allows you to play Playstation games from all regions, even protected games or games in a different video mode than the one your TV uses. This one will blow the lid off the PSX scene, so be sure to check it out!!!



07-28-2000: The latest version of Catflap (2.31) has been added to the toolz section.

07-13-2000: Oops! I did it again. I guess the GSCCC ROM wasn't supposed to be released yet. Sorry, guys, but too late now I guess. ;o) You can read full details on their site HERE. I also updated the archive, since CODEUP was missing.


07-12-2000: The GameShark Code Creator's Club have created their own AR/GameShark ROM! It features many new code types and also includes the auto stop feature that everyone loves so much. ;o) There is also a version for 2M (256k) carts that supports up to 128k of cheat codes! This is the ultimate ROM for the advanced code hacker. Read about it here, or download a leaked copy of the final release version HERE.


06-29-2000: Added an updated version of the AR3STOP patcher. The new version incorporates automatic unDATEL encryption/decryption! It's now easier than ever to modify your GameShark Pro ROM to play imports and backups!!!


06-24-2000: Alot of people have emailed asking about DC Boot CD. I do not own a DreamCast, so I really can't answer any questions. The image file needs to be burned using DiscJuggler. Other software (CDR-Win, EZ CD, etc.) cannot properly duplicate the disc. There is also a Nero compatible version available. That's about all I can tell you. If you need more info, try HERE.


06-23-2000: BIG news for DreamCast owners! It is now possible to play import and backup DC games WITHOUT a modchip!!! A group called Utopia has created a Boot CD image and started releasing games (DOA2 is the first). A whole new "scene" is about to erupt. Sorry, Sega. ;o)


06-17-2000: The DreamCast CDX has been released. Weird thing is, you can run imports and backups with it! Even weirder, a backup of the CDX disc itself, made with a program with like CloneCD, will run on an un-modded DC. Go figure. ;o)


06-16-2000: A new program is about to explode the PAR/GS scene. AR3STOP is a handy little tool created by an anonymous hacker that can patch any AR3 ROM to add E.M.S. style auto-stop function. It is now possible to play imports and backups with the AR3/GameShark Pro!!! I'm sure this one will be leeched and posted on every PSX website from here to eternity, so remember where you saw it FIRST!!!


06-07-2000: Interact has threatened to sue one of the best GameShark code sites on the net, the GameShark Code Creator's Club. Apparently, they feel that GameShark codes (in this case, for the DreamCast) are their own copyrighted property...

Mr Black:

You are once again infringing on legal rights of InterAct Accessories, Inc, and your activities must stop immediately. We understand that in your website has listed certain codes for use with InterAct's Gameshark device. Those codes are proprietary to Interact and your redistribution of them violate Interact's copyright. The fact that you mention that Interact was the origin of your codes is an admission by you of liability; but does not allow you then to copy and distribute the codes.

As you apparently are unaware, the United States Copyright Code (17 USC 101 et. seq.) gives the creator of computer code the exclusive right, among other rights, to copy and to distribute computer code. InterAct is the sole creator of enhancement codes for the Dreamcast platform. No other entity creates them. These are unique codes, each protectable by copyright laws. The fact that you have them listed on your website means only that you copied them and are distributing them without InterAct's permission. We know that the codes you have posted are InterAct's.

Your posting codes on your web site without authority of Interact subjects you to liability under the copyright statute. Under copyright law, damages are automatic. Interact is entitled to receive your profits, its losses, and under appropriate circumstances, statutory damages up to $150,000 per occurrence.

InterAct hereby demands that you immediately take off of your site, and not use in any manner, any enhancement code or hex address locations for the Dreamcast platform. Your failure to take this immediate action, especially in light of your past infringement on InterAct’s rights, will subject you to liability for willful violation of InterAct's copyrights.

I expect your immediate reply that you have taken this action.

Hey, Interact! Who do you think you are, Microsoft? LOL!

06-04-2000: Finally, after quite a slow period, some major news on the PAR/GS front... There will soon be a new 2M Game Enhancer cart available that supports a whopping 128k of cheat code space!!! And, before you ask, this will be 100% programmable space, unlike the lame GoldenFinger 2M which has a "Build-In Cheats" area that cannot be re-written. This is BIG news for code hackers everywhere, as previous carts were limited to only 32k or less. I will post more details as they are available.


05-26-2000: Welcome to the new server! If you have been re-directed here and don't know what's going on, we are now located at!!! It's about time that we had our own domain name, no? hehe Thanks to the folks at GameLair for the hook up. If you're looking for a reliable supplier in the US,with prices comparable to the overseas companies, be sure to check them out!!! Expect major site updates and expansions in the near future. The best is yet to come. :o) More later...


05-20-2000: Wow... I guess it's been a while since I updated. Not much happening here, but the PS2 site is buzzing with all the latest info. Lik-Sang has just announced that a PlayStation 2 version of the Game Enhancer is now in development! Click HERE to see the developer's sample and to check out their site.


05-06-2000: The PS2 patches are releasing, so be sure to check the PLAYSTATION 2 SITE for the latest. It's being updated faster than most of the other sites, so be sure to check there for the latest patches and info!!!


05-03-2000:DOH! My site exceeded the 4 gigabyte per month bandwith limit in just a few hours!!! I've moved the PS2 swap info elsewhere temporarily, and will continue to do so if needed.

Information on the PS2 swap trick from B.A.D./Paradox is here!!!


05-02-2000: The Magic Box has posted instructions for a PS2 swap method that allows booting import/backup PSX games on the PS2. I have tested it and , indeed, it does work!!! I was able to load original U.S. PSX games and backups!!! The instructions are a bit sketchy, though, so be careful. I am not so sure that it is necessary to completely remove the DVD drive in order to extract the spindle. After I took out the entire drive it was nearly impossible to get the ribbon cable connected again! You have been warned. Also, the swaps require removing a spinning disc, which I'm sure will eventually tear the ass out of your PS2 laser. I would only recommend trying this is your are desperate or crazy. I'll let you figure out which category I fit into on your own. hehe

There is now a website and message forum devoted to the the latest PS2 mod development news. Be sure to check it out!!!

And, as if this wasn't already a bad day for Sony, there is now apparently a 100% fool proof way of loading Region 1 DVDs even seemingly after the new batch of drivers have been loaded....

Load the DVD into the Playstation2 at the browser screen, select the CD icon then press and hold square and then circle until the playstations DVD menu appears, holding both buttons all the time.

Then there are two ways to play the movie, you can either select the play icon (>) or the movie start icon which is in middle to the far left. If one doesn't work the other one will.


05-01-2000: Italian group B.A.D. (now part of Paradox) has apparently cracked the PS2 protection scheme. They have written instructions for a PS2 swap method as well as several patches. Unfortunately, all of the information is for internal use only and stored in a password protected directory. If anyone has further info contact me via email or the UBB.




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