Dex2AR 0.90


Two utilities, from seperate authors, for extracting Action Replay compatible .psx files from DexDrive .GME saves.


EB DexDisk

The famous DexDrive disk converted to work with MCIMG.COM or MCExplorer.


M.C. Explorer 2.0e

A Japanese Win95 Caetla utility that I've translated to English, with the help of Farinez Full Memory Card mangement from your PC desktop! FONT COLOR="Lime" SIZE="2">Latest revision 11-14-99


Mem-X 1.0

Program that runs on your PSX and allows you to upload memory card saves, including DexDrive .GME files! Still in beta, but fully functional. Courtesy of Loser


PSX SaveGame Editor (PsxGE)

Awesome utility for converting different Memory Card file formats, including DexDrive .GME Now includes PC CommsLink communication support for Caetla/E.M.S.!!!

NOTE: This program is being updated frequently, so a link to the author's homepage will open in a new window.




Here are a few sites with Memory Card saves for your to download...


DexChange Net

Cheat Code Central's Saved Game Files

The Mining Company's Saved Game Files

The Import Saved Game Archive

BSN SaveGame Archive




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