Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of Cheat Cartridge ROM BIOS upgrades on the net!

The museum is always interested in procuring new ROM files for the archive! We are particularly interested in ANY Action Replay/GameShark compatible ROMs you may have, even older versions! If you have something that you think we might be interested in, please email the museum curator. If you do not want your donation made available to the public, please be sure to mention that fact in your message. Help preserve the PAR/GS by donating your files!!!


256k ROM files can only be flashed to compatible carts, such as the 2.x version PAR/GS.

Webmasters - I have noticed alot of the files from my site popping up on your pages. I really don't mind, since the whole point of this site is to share information/files, but the least you could do is add my URL to your links section in return!!!

Datel Action Replay (PAR)

Action Replay 1.94

Action Replay 1.97

Action Replay 1.98

Action Replay 1.99

Action Replay 1.99 (Japanese)

Action Replay 2.2 (PAL) - 256k

Action Replay 2.2 (Japanese) - 256k

Action Replay 2.3 (PAL) - 256k

Action Replay 2.3 (Japanese) - 256k

Action Replay 2.3 (French / PAL) - 256k

Action Replay 2.4 (PAL) - 256k

Action Replay 2.5 (Japanese) - 256k

Action Replay 2.6 (French / PAL) - 256k

Action Replay 2.8 (decrypted version)

Action Replay 2.81 (decrypted version) The latest PAL (U.K.) BIOS in decrypted form. Courtesy of Redbox/Dextrose and Naitachal.


GameBuster (German PAR)

GameBuster 1.99

GameBuster 2.1 (PAL) - 256k

GameBuster 2.3 (PAL) - 256k


Interact GameShark (U.S. PAR)

GameShark 1.99

GameShark 2.0 - 256k

GameShark 2.1 - 256k

GameShark 2.2 - 256k

GameShark 2.3 - 256k


GameShark 2.4 - 256k

Includes CDR-Win image file. You will need to burn a copy of the utility disc in order to backup the ROM from your cart.

Courtesy of The Technical Revolutionary

GameShark 2.41 (decrypted version)

GameShark 2.42 (decrypted version)The latest from Interact, in decrypted form.

WARNING: You won't be able to re-flash once you've installed this BIOS, unless you use the EZ-Flash Recovery CD. You have been warned.

Courtesy of Redbox/Dextrose and Naitachal.


GameShark Pro (Interact)

NOTE: Check the Tools section for valuable utilities. Also check out PSX Japan for Hanimar's creations. There are instructions for fixing a broken Pro cart HERE.



Caetla (aka Caet La)

NOTE: I have not removed Caetla rom. Fuck you.

Caetla 0.13

Caetla 0.15

Caetla 0.16

Caetla 0.17

Caetla 0.18

Caetla 0.19

Caetla 0.20

Caetla 0.21

Caetla 0.23

Caetla 0.25

Caetla 0.27

Caetla 0.28

Caetla 0.29

Caetla 0.30

Caetla 0.31

Caetla 0.32

Caetla 0.33

Caetla 0.34

Caetla 0.35

I need ANY version of Caetla not listed here! Come on, guys, I know you must have some of them!!!



The Caetla 0.26 derivative from Hong Kong that allows you to boot imports/backups. Same software used in the various "Game Enhancer" carts!

E.M.S. 1.0

E.M.S. 1.3

E.M.S. 1.4

E.M.S. 1.4c (Chinese)

E.M.S. 1.5

The 1.5 version allows you to load imports/backups easier by stopping the cd motor automatically on boot up. You no longer have to go to the "CD-ROM" menu! Unfortunately, the hackers at E.M.S. messed up some of the memory calls and some PC Comms Link functions won't work properly (the MCUP & MCDOWN programs for instance). My fixed version, which I have cleverly labeled version 1.55, can be downloaded here.

E.M.S. GoldFinger 2.1

E.M.S. GoldFinger 2.2

E.M.S. GoldFinger 2.21



Game Enhancer ( misc. Caetla hacks)

Zippy 0.33e (English)

The best Enhancer BIOS I've seen! Based on Caetla 0.33 (all others originated with 0.26!) with switchable English/Chinese support, automatic motor swap (like EMS 1.5), and a nice boot logo. This is the one you should re-flash your cart(s) with. If anyone has further information on "Zippy," please email or post to the messageboard. Thanks to Rocket So for the original and RedboX for the English version.


Stealth: Universal Import Adaptor

RedboX strikes again! Very nice European ROM for loading imports. Easy step-by-step instructions for newbies.

NOTE: You'll need the "Ez-Flash Recovery CD" to re-flash your cart once this ROM is installed. The original cart did not have a CommsLink port. You have been warned. Also, it only runs in PAL mode.


E.M.S. 5.01

This is the same version used in the Game Enhancer 5.0!

WARNING!!! This is a hex edited version of E.M.S. 1.4 , and IS NOT an official E.M.S. release. It was probably made by one of the "Game Enhancer" dealers to rip people off and sell more carts. Courtesy of Interesting Devices.


C.C.L. ModReplay 3.01 (Chinese)

CCL ModReplay 1.01 (Japanese)

Similar to EMS 1.5, but displays a logo screen on power-up. As used in the PS-Z cart from Bung Japan.


Pro Action Replay 2M - 256k

Hong Kong Pro Action Replay for 256k carts. Will boot imports and backups via swap in the "Play CD Music" menu.


Game Hunter 6.0

As included in some carts from Hong Kong. It's exactly the same as E.M.S. 1.5, but you all wanted it so here it is.


Games Blaster Pro 1.0 (NTSC fixed version)

A 256k ROM BIOS that features automatic CD motor stop (like E.M.S. 1.5) for easy swapping when loading imports/backups. Will not work properly if flashed to a 128k cart.


OZ Game Enhancer 1.6

As used in the carts from Oz Chips.


PSX Vision Action Replay 3.0

As used in the carts from PSX Vision.


Action Replay 3.3 (Innovation)

As used in the carts from Innovation. Nice logo!


Smart Cartridge 6.0 (Auto Stop)

As used in the carts from Maxking Enterprises.


Game Killer

As used in the carts from Lik-Sang Plaza.


AHOY version 0.34 (release)

The final release version of the greatest Game Enhancer BIOS ever made. This is the one you should have on your cart!!!



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