ACTION.EXE version 1.56

ACTION.EXE version 1.57

The rare final versions of Datel's official PC CommsLink software.


AR3 Re-Flash ROM

Hacked version of RunnerROM from Herben that allows you to re-flash your AR3 (GameShark Pro) cart without having to use Hanimar's re-flash CD.


AR3 Flasher Windows GUI

Windows interface for Hanimar's AR3 (GameShark Pro) flashing software by JBP641.

Updated 03-29-2000.



Patch your AR3 (GameShark Pro) ROM to play imports and backups! Updated version 1.5 on 06-27-2000.


Caetla 0.35 Tools (DOS-English)

The latest set of tools that Farinez and I have translated to English!


Latest revision 02-13-2000.


Caetla 0.35 Tools (Win/English)

The latest set of tools that Farinez and I have translated to English!


Latest revision 03-01-2000.


CatFlap 2.31

CatFlap 2.31 DLL file

Latest version of this amazing all-in-one tool. Includes support for Xplorer/Xploder users!!! Updated 07-28-2000.



Code Quest

Handy new program for converting Caetla codes to work with a regular PAR/GameShark. Courtesy of Cosmow.


CompPSX 2.10

Upload codes to your PAR/GS 2.x carts. Courtesy of the GameShark Code Creator's Club


Craction Replay

Another brilliant utility for hexing the PSX RAM. Works with Caetla/E.M.S. and Datel/Interact ROMs! Courtesy of Ganga.



Convert Yaroze executables to format that can be uploaded with Comms Link!

EZ-O-Ray ROM Re-flash CD

CDR-WIN image. Re-flash damaged PAR/GS ROM. An absolute lifesaver!


Gameshark Code Creator '99

Fantastic Windows based ACTION.EXE replacement for hacking your own codes. Works with GameShark (1.99 to 2.4) and Caetla compatible carts. From the great Code Master himself.


GameShark Codes

Recent text files for use with CompPSX. US, UK, and Japanese cheats.

NOTE: These files were made for 256k carts, and will not upload properly to the Game Enhancer (128k) type. You'll need to cut and paste only the codes you want and compile them using the programs in my English translated Caetla tools, found in the "Memory Card" download section.


GameShark Pro Codes

Cheat code texts extracted from various GameShark and Action Replay Pro carts. Cheats included for US, UK, France, and Germany.


GameShark Pro Comms Software

Rare early version of the GameShark Pro comms software which includes support for uploading and downloading V-MEM. These features were removed from all later revisions. Now you can archive your memory card saves! Use PSXGameEdit (available in the "Memory Card" section) and convert DexDrive saves to upload your your cart with this program!!!


Japanese Game Code Texts

Recent collection of Japanese game codes in CompPSX compatible text format. One file for PAR/GS 2.x carts and one for Caetla users.


Mode Changer 2.0

Switch PSX executables from PAL/NSTC with this cool util from Napalm.


Brilliant new program from Herben that allows AR3 (GameShark Pro) users to run two different ROMs!!!


Early version of ACTION.EXE from Datel. For flashing a ROM to your cart at a user-specified memory address.


PSCODE (English)

Brilliant Taiwanese tool that I've translated to English. Creates a database from a cheat code text file and allows you to select which games and codes you want then compiles the binary file for uploading to your cart. A great way to keep track of your codes! Works only with Caetla compatible cheat carts.


PS Debug 1.10

Excellent Japanese Win95 program (in English!) for hacking the PSX memory.


PSPar v1.32 (English)

Translated version of this excellent Japanese code search/hacking utility. Updated version since the last one I posted. Translations by Farinez. Latest revision 02/08/2000.


Runner ROM

Store EXEs (127kb or less) on your PAR/GS. Good for showing demos to your friends who don't have Comms Link!



Hanimar does it again! Decrypt/Encrypt AR/GS Pro ROMs!!!


VARD: PAR PortTrapper

See what commands are being sent from PC to PAR.



X-Flash has to be burnt onto a CD and can repair non-working carts. Of course, you need a modchip or a working cart to boot the disc. ;o)




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