Defeat anti-mod protection schemes on the latest Japanese PSX software!!!

As you may know, some Japanese games have been protected to detect when a MOD chip is installed and will not load if one is present. Lately, U.S. games have also started being protected in this manner. This is unfair to gamers who have had their PlayStation modded to play legally imported titles. Luckily, codes can be created that allow you to bypass the protection schemes.



XPS (05/01/99) & MODPASS.XPS (05/05/99)

XPS, short for XA-ISO Patch System, is an intelligent ISO9660-XA patcher which can patch PSX ISO Images. With this patcher it is possible to make a working backup copy of most current Anti-ModChip protected games that will run without using the unlock codes!



Converts XPS files to source code. English README.TXT is here.


XPS Patch Archive #1

Patches for Bust A Move 2, Chocobo Racing, Dance Dance Revolution, Final Fantasy VIII, Global Force, Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi II, Tears of Eden, Pocket Muu Muu, Poporogue, Saga Frontier 2, Silent Hill, Spyro the Dragon, Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol.3, and UmJammer Lammy.


XPS Patch Archive #2

Patch for Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey Mouse.


XPS Patch Archive #3 (MODPASS.XPS)

Poporogue, Pocket Muu Muu, Global Force, Chocobo Racing, UmJammer Lammy, Katte ni Momotenshi2, Magical Tetris Challenge, Saga Frontier2, Spyro the Dragon, IQ.Final (Trial), Global Force (Trial in PLAY'98 Winter), Sarugecchu aka Ape Escape (Trial), Omega Boost (Trial), Omega Boost (Mar 31 1999).

PALPAR - PAL to NTSC Code Generator

More billiance from the creator of XPS and ModPAR. Will generate PAR codes to run PAL games on NTSC machines. New bugfixed version also contains English documentation! Updated 07/31/99.



MODPAR Code Generator

This program generates ActionReplay cheat codes to defeat Anti-Modchip protected titles by scanning an ISO image! Updated 07/19/99.




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